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Managing your boss does not mean bossing your manager. It means understanding your boss and managing yourself.

Upward Influence Package - LIMIT: One per customer - $20
How to manage issues of productivity and change in a behaviorally responsible way! Includes How to Manage your Boss classic seminar notes (paperback, 128 pages). Gain insights into the "Burnt Cat Theory" and learn how to handle personality conflicts and disagreements. Package includes classic Harvard Business review reprints: MANAGING YOUR BOSS and NOBODY TRUSTS THE BOSS COMPLETELY; plus 10 additional tipsheets and articles. Also comes with an audiotape on HOW TO RECEIVE A PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL and our questionnaire on "How open can you be with your boss." Over $60 worth of GREAT resources for only $20! Whether this is your first time in a job, or a seasoned veteran of organizational politics...you'll find this packet of resources jam-packed with skills and strategies for improving your life at work. LIMIT: One per customer at this special price! Shipping and handling = $5.50

How to Manage your Boss - Comprehensive Seminar Materials Kit - $100.00
Timeless and time-tested materials from the company that pioneered "How to Manage Your Boss" training and delivered action-packed seminars to tens of thousands of employees. Includes in-depth workbook (9" x 12" paperback, 248 pages), a 75-minute audiotape, the full Upward Influence Package described above, plus PROBLEM BOSSES: Who They Are and How to Deal With Them (370 pages, paperback), additional article reprints and tipsheets.

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