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The Population Map Laminated and tubed - 2005 - $29.95

The Population map a new map, published January 1, 2005, shows where the human beings of the world live, and how many are where. Each country is shown proportional to its population. The map presents people, not territory. Each square of the grid on the map represents a million people. From the perspective of population, China is the biggest country in the world! India is not far behind. For a real shock, compare Indonesia with the United States.
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The Pacific-Centered Peters Map Cylindrical Equal Area Projection - 2004 - $9.95

The original Peters Map, referred to as "cartography's defining moment", now offers one more novel twist -- the Pacific Ocean in the middle. The first major revision since its introduction in 1974, this new Peters Projection map shifts the focus from land masses to the oceans. "This new map feels quite different from the Africa-centered Peters Map", explains publisher Bob Abramms of ODT, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Peters maps in North America. "The new map has an astonishing visual focus."
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The Hobo-Dyer Cylindrical Equal Area Projection - 2002 - $8.95

The Hobo-Dyer Projection (HDP) takes its place among important map projections. This new HDP map belongs to the family of Cylindrical Equal Area projections in which the latitude and longitude lines form a rectangular grid. Other projections in this family include the Lambert, Gall, Behrmann, Edwards and Peters. The HDP retains qualities of the other equal area cylindrical projections, but is more visually satisfying. Commissioned by ODT, Inc., created by British cartographer, Mick Dyer, the map was derived by modifying the 1910 Behrmann projection.
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"What's Up? South!" World map - laminated version - folded - 36" x 56" - $29.95

The "What's Up? South!" World Map is an exciting addition to your teaching resources. It challenges basic notions of "up" and "down". This shows Australia on top with the poles reversed because whoever said that North MUST be up? (Note: This map is a Van der Grinten projection, not a Peters). A startling way to view the world, and a great way to shake people up and help them question their assumptions. View the world with Africa at the top-center flanked by South America and Australia in vibrant colors and seven ALL-NEW comparison panels on the bottom! See larger image here
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Below are the panels on the map that explain other alternative projections.
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Oxford Cartographers   Hobo-Dyer Map   Buckminster Fuller Institute  

. The Population Map .   Hobo-Dyer Map   Guelke Map

SEEING THROUGH MAPS: Many Ways to See the World - $24.95

by Denis Wood, Ward L. Kaiser and Bob Abramms. 152 pages, 70+ images, 11" x 8-1/2" format. Retail = $24.95; ISBN# 978-1-931057-20-2

This book is about so much more than cartography. Map projections are used as tools for understanding the world from different points of view-- those of the world's countries, the world's cultures, the world's people, and the world's history. Seeing Through Maps also explains the principles and hidden messages contained in a number of unique maps and provocative images. It includes the Peters Projection Map; the Van Sant GeoSphere Map; the Fuller Dymaxion Map; a Toronto Canada-based equidistant map; Minard's Map, which tracks Napoleon's march on Moscow; Petit's African Diaspora Map; and a cartogram of global warming. It also includes the original McArthur Universal Corrective Map of the World, an upside down map that has Australia on top. The new REVISED and EXPANDED edition includes: Cartogram of 2004 USA Election Results, Hobo-Dyer Projection maps, and a new chapter called, “Are Maps TALK instead of Pictures” which challenges the conventional notion that maps are representations of reality. Instead, the authors assert that maps are propositions or arguments, and used as tools of persuasion or exploitation. When people in power control the mapmaking, then maps represent the interests of people in power. This book strips the veneer of authority off the status quo, and calls for a true democracy where people use the power of maps to speak (and argue) for their own interests.
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Peters Atlas of the World - back by popular demand! -9" x 12" - $19.95

A revolutionary view of the earth -- showing it in true proportion.
Now available in Atlas form.

The Peters Atlas is the first volume to present a realistic picture of the world in terms of scale and proportion. Based on the principle of equality of area, the Peters Atlas of the World allows the user to see the world in true proportion. For example, Africa is fourteen times bigger than Greenland yet the Mercator Projection -- 400 years old and still universally used -- makes them look the same size! The Peters Atlas corrects these distortions.

In addition to nearly 100 pages of color maps, the atlas includes 246 thematic world maps, all in color, offering a complete, in-depth picture of today's world covering everything from climate, religions, and population structure to details on unemployment, sports, life expectancy and Internet use.

Dr. Peters was concerned with issues of equality and social justice his entire life. As a result, his atlas contains valuable information and insightful visual representations of data such as infant mortality; unemployment, income inequality, child labor, status of women and prostitution. Arno Peters was a historian who's map revolutionized the field of cartography. His Peters Projection Map has sold more than 83 million copies. Dr. Peters worked in Bremen, Germany and passed away on December 2, 2002.
Arno Peters Biography/Photo Album

References/Atlases 231 pages 9" x 12" Hardcover $19.95

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Panel on earthquakes   education situation   infant mortality

Population cartogram - 19.5" x 36" - Laminated - $29.95

Every map gives up some aspect of reality to present another. On this map each country is shown proportional to its population. The map gives up territory to present people. Each tiny on the map square represents a million people. Looking at the world this way is a revelation. From the perspective of population, China is the biggest country in the world!

McArthur's Universal Corrective Map - 23" x 35", Laminated - $29.95

A new item. Original and classic version. Imported from Australia and laminated in the USA. Unique downunder viewpoint with cheeky Aussie humor. This map was created by Stuart McArthur of Melbourne, Australia. He drew his first South-Up map when he was 12 years old (1970). His geography teacher told him to re-do his assignment with the "correct" way up if he wanted to pass. Three years later he was an exchange student in Japan. He was taunted by his exchange student-friends from the USA for coming from "the bottom of the world." It was then, at age 15, he resolved to one day publish a map with Australia at the top. Six years later, while at Melbourne University, he produced the world's first "modern" south up map and launched it on Australia day in 1979. It has sold over 350,000 copies to date. Order now

Minard's Map of Napoleon's March

A new item. According to various sources, this is the most information-packed map ever created. It gives detailed information on the losses to the troops over time tracking grouping of troops as well as the timeline.

New Arno Peters Photo Biography