Upward Influence Tipsheets

These handy resources will increase your personal power at work and provide insights and strategies for leveraging your organizational effectiveness.
$2.50 for each 4-page tipsheet.
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How to Receive a Performance Appraisal
Provide your employees with quick tips on receiving performance appraisals. This tipsheet instructs employees how to "partner" with their managers to make the performance appraisal process a conversation about shared job expectations. It encourages employees to pre-plan for their appraisal session now and throughout the year (4 pages).
How to Receive a Delegated Assignment
Saying "yes" to an assignment you have trouble accomplishing does not help anyone. This tipsheet teaches you how to take responsibility for knowing what you can deliver. Skills and strageties for receiving delegated tasks are explained so that you have the confidence you need to effectively discuss - and tackle - new assignments (4 pages).
Working With Resistance in Organizations
Resistance to change is a reality of organizational life. Instead of viewing it negatively, you can use it to create a more cooperative and dynamic workplace. This tipsheet takes a clear look at the phenomenon of resistance and some of the myths surrounding it. Your employees will learn how to accept resistance, overcome others' resistance, and implement a five-step strategy for keeping the problems created by resistance under control (4 pages).
How to Handle the Career Plateau
Combat the problems created by flatter organizational charts and less access to promotions. Your employees can find new creative ways to enrich their current jobs. This tipsheet gives you a practical road-map to improve job satisfaction with such strategies as acceptance, developing new opportunities, and creating a new action plan (4 pages).
How to Increase Your Personal Power
Power is the ability to get all of what you want from the environment, given what is available. And, the more you are able to get what you want from your people, the easier it will be for your organization to achieve its goals and objectives. This tipsheet encourages managers to take charge and increase their impact, while fostering support by empowering their employees (4 pages).