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Comprehensive Diversity Training materials available from George Simons International. Includes DIVERSOPHY ™ board games, map resources, and award-winning books and assessment instruments.
WWW.RodEnter.com Rod Enterprises: Source for diversity posters, pins, banners, T-shirts & mugs. WWW.HRPress-diversity.com HR Press: Comprehensive catalog of corporate diversity training resources including: Complete workshops, videos, individual and group activities, icebreakers, games, calendars, training aids, and more.
WWW.SyrCulturalWorkers.com Syracuse Cultural Workers: Progressive resources for activists. Tools for change including new Peace Calendar. WWW.NorthernSun.com Northern Sun: great resource for message-oriented tshirts, buttons, political bumper stickers, mugs, posters, magnets, and more!
WWW.TenThousandVillages.com Ten Thousand Villages: markets fairly traded handicrafts and tells the stories of Third World artisans in North America. Quality handicrafts from 30 countries are found in its network of 200 stores. WWW.MapLink.com The largest independent wholesale distributor of maps, atlases, globes, and guidebooks in North America. Site does not provide for retail sales, but it's a great reference tool and a way to find a local map store.

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