Five Billion Years of Global Change

Demonstrating how the story of our past can help us better understand the present, geographer Denis Wood tells the story of our entire past, from the Big Bang to the World Wide Web. Five Billion Years of Global Change takes readers through the formation of the Earth's atmosphere, oceans, continents, and mountains; the origin of life; the evolution of the human species; the spread of agricultural production; and the growth of international trade. In a uniquely evocative and philosophical style, Wood shows how a greater knowledge of the interconnectedness of our world could potentially change the way we approach contemporary problems. This eye-opening book will be enjoyed by all readers interested in the history of our planet and concerned about its future.

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“This book offers a deep meditation on the relation between place and time as the environments in which we live. Every section overturns popular preconceptions. Time and again, what at first seems an absurd statement becomes fully evident a few pages later. It is this type of inversion of the common wisdom that makes the book an important delight. Readers of Wood’s earlier work will not be disappointed: Five Billion Years of Global Change does for environmental studies and natural history what The Power of Maps did for cartography.”

--Tom Koch, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Canada

"This inspiring book bursts into the emerging field of ‘Big History'--history writ across all time, from the Big Bang to today--with an exhilarating style and sweep that should put it at the top of the genre. Cosmologist of the quotidian, geographer of Earth's grandest processes, Wood takes us from the Initial Instant through the earth's formation, life's beginnings, continents' shiftings, civilizations' risings and fallings, and on to our own contemporary habitations on the land. A bold, original, and visionary work."

--Kent Mathewson, Dept of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State U.

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