Details of New Pacific-centered Peters Map

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How is the Pacific-centered Peters Map different?

"MAP PROJECTION: Showing the round earth on a flat map.
Cartographers use many ways to "project" the round globe of the earth onto a flat surface. The Peters Projection belongs to a category of maps that retain proportionality of size. All areas - land and water - have the same proportions on the map that they do on the earth. This makes it easy to compare sizes accurately. In order to get the sizes right, the Peters Map makes the land look stretched out around the equator (and compresses the areas around the poles). Other map projections (like the Mercator) emphasize other qualities (such as, lines of constant compass bearing for navigation), but they introduce other distortions such as exaggerating the size of certain areas. The Peters Map sets forth all countries in their true size. Dr. Peters asserted that his map was fair to all peoples."

ISBN# : 1-931057-14-1