New World Map Unveiled in Amherst, MA

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An alternative view of the world was created right here in Amherst MA. At the Rotary Club Luncheon on Thursday December 12, 2002 publisher Bob Abramms of ODT, Inc. will unveil the new Hobo-Dyer Projection World Map. He will give a guided tour of maps and images that stretch the mind! Everyone attending will get a free copy of the new Hobo-Dyer Map!

While the purpose of most maps is to pursue some sort of an agenda, the purpose of the new Hobo-Dyer is to inform the public that every map HAS a hidden agenda. The Hobo-Dyer is an Equal-Area map, like the Peters map that was featured on the hit TV show, West Wing, last year. On West Wing, a fictional group, Cartographers for Social Equality, “freaked out” President Bartlet’s press secretary, C.J. Craig, by flipping the world upside-down and putting south on top.

The Hobo-Dyer map does this one better! Not only is south on top, but the map is centered on the Pacific Ocean. The Hobo-Dyer map is printed on both sides: It is south-up with Australia in the center on one side, with the more traditional north-up (and Africa-centered) on the other. Both images are exactly the same, but side-by-side you can hardly believe it!

The new world view is a collaboration among leading cartographers, radical designers, graphic artists, and organization development consultants. Published by ODT, Inc. of Amherst, MA the new Hobo-Dyer map is on-line at (click on NEW MAP RESOURCES). The cartography was done by British cartographer Mick Dyer. The "Hobo" part of the Hobo-Dyer name is a reflection of the two Amherst entrepreneurs who commissioned the map -- Howard Bronstein (ODT's president) and Bob Abramms (ODT's founder).

Bob’s presentation will include a wide array of stunning images of different ways to see our world. The basic philosophy of ODT, Inc. is: "It takes many points of view to understand the truth." Or said another way, "We can only understand our world if we are willing to look at it from a variety of perspectives." ODT's recently published book, SEEING THROUGH MAPS, makes this point powerfully and effectively.

Bob Abramms is the editor of SEEING THROUGH MAPS, and the author of a number of award-winning books on diversity in the workforce. He has been a seminar leader and professional speaker for over two decades, and brings humor, insight, and perspective to the ways we construct reality.

Chapter One of Seeing Through Maps: The Power of Images to Shape Our World View can be read on the web at

Note to Media: This session will be videotaped.
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