A Map......of the People

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A new map graphically reveals human population over the Earth. In contrast to ordinary maps which focus on the LAND, this revolutionary map shows WHERE HUMANS LIVE.

The Population Map, published by ODT, Inc. of Amherst MA, is a provocative and unique view of the world. This stunning map represents people, not territory. The size of each country is shown in proportion to its population, not land mass. From the perspective of population, and as illustrated on this map, China is the biggest country in the world, India a close second, and the USA is only a small part of the whole, 4.5%, or less than one-twentieth of the Earth's humans.

This novel view of the world was created by an editorial team including cartographers, population experts, graphic designers, GIS specialists, as well as human rights, human resources, and political activists. The map is enhanced by a series of thumbnail images at the bottom. The first image uses an equal-area projection map (the Hobo-Dyer) to enable the reader to compare the size of the land mass with the number people who live there, as shown on the main map image.

The Population Map also tracks demographic trends over time. Additional thumbnails include a series of informative images illustrating population density by continent throughout human history. This series of "snapshot" images shows where humans lived (1) 100,000 years ago, (2) at the time of the birth of Christ, (3) at 1650 AD, (4) at 1900 AD, and includes (5) population projections for the year 2150. There is also a map of current population density showing where there are more than 30 people per square mile. This density image shows another quite different view of the world: the continents and islands of humankind!

Additional information about The Population Map: Publisher: ODT, Inc., Amherst, MA; Project Director - Bob Abramms Cartographers: Main image - Paul Breding; Historical Panels - Bill Yoder; Map Explanation - Denis Wood; Population research - Fred Pearce Press Kits and interviews with the cartographers available THE POPULATION MAP (35" x 52"), laminated and tubed: $29.95 ISBN: 1-931057-16-8 THE POPULATION MAP, Paper folded version (35" x 52"): $20.00 ISBN: 1-931057-15-X AVAILABILITY: Laminated map - January 2005; Paper map available now

Available from ODT: 800-736-1293 or www.odt.org

Extensive web support available including lesson plans and details on map’s development. Each map also includes extensive explanatory material, including a 2005 update of “If the world were a village of one hundred people…”