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New World Population Map

A new map graphically reveals human population distribution over the Earth. In contrast to ordinary maps which focus on the LAND, this revolutionary map shows the WHERE HUMANS LIVE. This beautiful map is startling, provocative, and offers a unique view of the world. The Population Map represents people, not territory. The size of each country is shown in proportion to its population, not according to its land mass. This novel view of the world's population was created by an editorial team including cartographers, population experts, graphic designers, GIS specialists, as well as human rights, human resources, and political activists.
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Peters Puts the Pacific In The Middle

The original Peters Map, referred to as "cartography's defining moment", now offers one more novel twist -- the Pacific Ocean in the middle. The first major revision since its introduction in 1974, this new Peters Projection map shifts the focus from land masses to the oceans. "This new map feels quite different from the Africa-centered Peters Map", explains publisher Bob Abramms of ODT, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Peters maps in North America. "The new map has an astonishing visual focus."

New Video - Many Ways To See The World

Many Ways To See The World presents twelve compelling world maps in a fast-paced program that changes the way its audience's view the world. Maps DO make a difference in how we see the world! Many Ways To See The World is a provocative learning tool that presents historical and current images to generate interest and awareness of maps and their messages. The 30-minute video uses maps, images and stories to convey 3 powerful messages… 1. We can only understand the world if we're willing to see things from multiple perspectives! 2. The "truth" must be seen from many vantage points. 3. One person's voice can make a huge difference in the world! [Click here to see full press release about the video]

President Jimmy Carter displays activities on new world map

ODT published this new map of the world in August of 2002, and already it is finding fans and followers. ODT Board Chair, Bob Abramms, says "the Hobo-Dyer is the perfect map for this application! It shows the countries true to proportion because its an equal-area map…plus it has the additional advantage of being much more shape-accurate than the Peters Map in the mid-latitudes (between 45 degrees north and 45 degrees south)! If you tried to show the same data on a the traditional Mercator projection, for example, all the little black dots identifying the country activities would be all scrunched together."

Terry Hardaker is the spokesperson for Oxford Cartographers (OC) and is happy to reply to media inquiries about how and why the map was created. ODT, Inc. of Amherst MA commissioned the map in April of 2002. ODT staff knew they wanted an equal area projection. Oxford Cartographer's Mick Dyer did the technical work. Next, the design features were refined over a four month period by the two organizations (including the unique comparison panels of eight OTHER world views). The "twist" of reversing the poles on the back of the map and centered the back on Australia were just some of the unique elements that resulted from the synergy between the British cartographers and USA-based ODT. The map is named after OC's Mick Dyer and ODT principals Howard Bronstein and Bob Abramms (thus the "Hobo").

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Truth Through Maps
"The truth can be very slippery. It is about perspectives, points of view, and experiences. Frankly truth, like life, is much too complicated to believe that there is a simple, single "truth.""

Maps are powerful shapers of world truth. In their new book, SEEING THROUGH MAPS: The Power Of Images To Shape Our World View, authors Ward Kaiser and Denis Wood take a hard look at truth by carefully inspecting the familiar images we experience every day. In this dynamic new book, the authors challenge the popular world-view by questioning images in general, and the specific messages communicated through maps. See press release

Map Makes History On WEST WING

TV's favorite press secretary, West Wing's CJ Craig, "freaked out" at the sight of a new view of the world. The show is fictional, but the map is fact! CJ was stunned by the real Peters Projection world map. West Wing

New Map Projection Unveiled at Geography Educators' Conference

"What's Up? South!" world map & NEW Self-Esteem Passport


WARD KAISER unveils new map in Florida 3/1/03

BOB ABRAMMS presents provocative map images in Amherst, MA