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Graduation season takes millions of students from familiar surroundings and turns their worlds upside down. But really, a world with Terra del Fuego, Capetown, and Melbourne at the top? Precisely! Now you can give your graduate a new map of the world with this provocative, "south on the top", perspective (see the map at

The "What's Up? South!" world map is a mind-stretching, world-broadening tool that flies in the face of convention. What better way to remind us of the limits imposed by conventional thinking than a map of the world with north at the bottom? What better way to encourage your graduate's ability to think "outside-the-box!"

The message of the "What's Up? South!" map is simple -- "It takes many points of view to see the truth." Map publisher Bob Abramms, of ODT, Inc., says "Our Peters Projection Map was turned upside/down last year by the NBC television show WEST WING and opened a lot of eyes." The "What's Up? South!" map teaches people to question assumptions…about maps, directions, and viewpoints.

ODT's Self-Esteem Passport (also seen at is a perfect companion gift for this new world view. It can help your new graduate negotiate this often upside-down world. The Self-Esteem Passport will bolster new graduates' confidence and increase their awareness of their strengths. Packed with surveys, questionnaires and resources, this valuable tool is designed to help people discover their own viewpoints and directions.

The "What's Up? South!" full-color world map is 36" x 56" and available in a folded paper version for $20.00, or laminated and rolled for $29.95. Shipping & handling is $5.50 for the first map, plus $1.25 for each additional item ordered. "What's Up? South!" maps can be purchased at local bookstores, map stores or through ODT by calling 1-800-736-1293.

The Self-Esteem Passport is $6.95. As a graduation special, ODT is offering a passport FREE with any order of maps. This offer is only available at select stores or by calling at 1-800-736-1293.

Both the "What's Up? South!" map and the Self-Esteem Passport can be viewed at

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